Your mission in life

Your mission in life

Your mission in life

Fellow Pilgrim, Top of the day to you,

I pray that the mercy and goodness of the Lord will follow you today. You will finish well in Jesus name, amen.

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In our last discourse, we emphasized the fact that the most important reason for failure or success in life is predicated on these two issues of life because there is a great gap between Commitment and Conviction.  Today’s discourse will be centered on knowing that the greatest commitment in life should be related to your conviction on why you are on earth.      This is called your mission or purpose in life.

We are usually quick to give mental assent to the importance of pursuit of purpose in life, but our commitment to its ideals and practice is usually a post apart. Sometimes, we also internalize the issue of purpose while trying to locate the answer of our purpose on earth within us. We soon get frustrated and discouraged because no answer is coming from us.
​The answer does lie with us, we didn’t make ourselves, it’s in the hands of the manufacturer or creator, God. Life turning point starts with the discovery of purpose or mission in life.
There is a great need in our hearts of a full assurance that we are on earth not by accident but for a purpose. It must also be certain to us that God’s thoughts at all times and always are good (Jer.29:11) towards us.

The ultimate commitment that God gave to man is the pursuit of purpose in life. You are wired together for a purpose in life. Life holds no meaning without the fulfillment of purpose or mission on earth because every other thing, living and non-living He made for a purpose. Indeed the world is waiting for you and I (“for the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God” Rom8:19).

You cannot afford to drift aimlessly in life. You are on assignment on this earth on behalf of God. You need to realize that all other commitments in life, either in the choice of a marriage partner, or other relationships, work or profession, hobby or leisure are to be shaped and evaluated as to how they relate to the fulfillment of your purpose in life. Avoid drifting into other commitments that keep you from living out your deepest values. We waste time, talents and treasures if we do. This leads to regret at the end of the days of our life. The end will surely come and we will give account of our stewardship on earth.
 Memory Verse  “Therefore I run thus; not with uncertainty. Thus I fight: not as one who beats the air.”

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