Talent As God’s Abundant Gift to Man

Talent As God’s Abundant Gift to Man

Talent As God’s Abundant Gift to Man

Fellow Pilgrims, you are welcome to this blessed and graceful month. I will like to discourse some of the characteristics of talent. Talent once again is God’ seed planted in man. It is the capacity deposited in man by God for the ultimate fulfillment purpose in life. God will not demand from man what He did not give man the capacity to produce(Matthew 25:14-30,

Permit me to say once again that the seed of your greatness is in your talent. It  is to be cultivated, harnessed or brought to life. One Characteristic of a talent is that like a seed it is the source of the much awaited talked -about and sought-out breakthrough in a man’s life.

A talent is instinctive, that is inborn, natural. You are born with it, it is part of your genetical make-up.

A talent is also intuitive, that is innate, insightful, and perceptive. You just know without being taught what your talent is is. Colleges offer a course curriculum in talent. Education also helps with how to make profit with our talent in the market place. it helps you to better package it. Talent hunt shows do not always bring the best out of man, at most all contestants in the show are imitators of someone they consider an hero. God created you to be original with your talent.

Talent is a seed usually to bless others. They are like seed sown that become an oak trees where others derive their nourishments. Just as others have been a blessing to your life, God also designed through your talent, to be a blessing to others,

All men are endowed by God with Talent, know yours.


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