A former Secretary of States of the United States of America, Hilary Diane Rodham Clinton said, ” Everybody will be knocked down, the question is will you get back up?

You have teh capacity to be resilent in tehface of adversity. You have the capacity to break through the barriers that wants to hinder, pull or tear you apart.  Keep strong.

God’s capacity is in-built in you. You have the DNA of teh Almighty God. He never fails so you cannot fail. You are a Son of God.

God has made it in such a way that your life has a great meaning and purpose in the lives of so many people still waiting for your appearance. Dont allow set backs to put you down. They are night hours of the day, certainly the day will break-outt, let your hope lighten up your tommorrow.

We all make decisions that leads to falls in life, learn your lesssons, keep moving, stay confident and stay excited. Dont allow failure to define you.

God’s spirit will give you teh wings to fly. He will strengthen you while walking, keep your feets on the path of life and give you speed to run and recover all.

Something tells me I am writing this because of you.

All glory and adoration to God.

Have a great day


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