Making Choices In line With His Word.

Making Choices In line With His Word.

The word choices, means the act of choosing between two or more possibilities. Life is indeed is about making choices. The choices we make in life will eventually make or mar us. We are a product of our choices.

Most often we make choices based on the following:

  • our own level of exposure or knowledge about a thing or an issue.
  • what others tells us or advise us to do.
  • what we see others do.
  • our own experience.
  • own feelings or sentiments.
  • in line with the trends and fashion.
  • by information we get from literatures or books, movies, social media etc.
  • by following the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Much as there are absolutely nothing wrong with the above methods. It is important to stress that taking a wrong choice in life has left so many with regrets in the latter day of their lives. The prodigal son made a choice to leave his father’s house with his inheritance. Something surely must have informed his decision and choice to leave the fathers’ house. The decision to leave came suddenly to the father. He must have been thinking about it. Whatever the pull, it certainly weighed heavily on him.

His motives were certainly sincere and genuine but got it entirely wrong in the course of his sojourn outside his father’s terrain. Life was not as he saw it. He must have realized the foolishness in making a choice to leave the father’s house. He began to play in his mind, the idea of either to stay under hard condition or to return to his father’s house as a slave. It became obvious to him that his choices have marred his destiny. His life was now in a ditch, dining with pigs.

He no longer qualifies to be called a son. He lost his rights and privileges to sonship. He took the choice to take the painful path of regrets back to his father’s house to be given a place as a slave in the house.

Many have come to the end of life with regrets because of the choices they made in the past. God is particularly interested in the youths. He is interested in ensuring that they make the right choices in life. He wants them to get to the place of their God given dream. He therefore exposes them early in life to His word.

On the other hand, the devil is interested in getting them to choose wrongly in open rebellion and hostility to God. He gets them conscripted into cults, drug addiction, gangsters who unleash terror and violence on people.

No youth can make a good choice without the guide of His lamp, that is His word.

His word is a guiding lamp that illuminates the path of every man that comes into world. With it there are no reason to fall or stumble into the ditch of life. It guides a man’s step in the path of wisdom. Wisdom is a profitable tool for making the right choices in life. A man of understanding grows in strength and ability to discern between good and evil.

The Word of God will give you the understanding on the things that are yours, and her your inheritance in life. You make choices therefore, with an assurance that your choices are God ordained.

As stranger here on earth, the word of God become your pathfinder.

The choice you make in life with either make or mar you. Let the word of God be your guide. Do not be wise in your own eyes, always acknowledge God. Let his Holy Spirit guide you into all truth.

In case you have made wrong choices based on your ignorance of God’s word in the past ask for God’s mercy. He will pardon abundantly.

My prayer is that God will lead and direct your choices in life.


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