Life is a journey, be grateful for every step

Life is a journey, be grateful for every step

I read recently about how Lou Gehrig, a Yankee first basemen, who while his body was already falling apart from a disease that would cripple and take his life in a matter of months, took time out to thank the vendors, ticket takers and workers who never got applause but made his job possible.

He stood before a teeming large crowd and said, “Today I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth”.

The most important reason why reference is being made to Lou Gehrig’s word is that they speak of gratitude in the heart of the one we think would have every reason to be bitter.

It is hard to believe that a man like Lou Gehrig in his difficult moment will still consider himself the luckiest man on earth and will not ask, why me?. It takes a man of great character to be able to say this. John Ortberg, said in his book “When the Game is Over It All goes Back in the Box”, “that the great secret joy of life –the joy that we think getting richer will bring us – is the ecstasy of gratitude. Gratitude is how those rich toward God, rich in being, not just in having – play the game.

Lou Gehrig was grateful to those who made his job a success, these were men and women who have been unnoticed for many years. We truly need to be grateful for our state in life. Let your heart be full of gratitude for every step you have taken in life. Cherish the love of God, the great father who kept up you till this moment, be also grateful to cheerers who kept you going. There is more that we are, to be grateful for in life, than what we don’t have.

adeyinka antwi -your fellow pilgrim

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