Realize that dreams come from God. There is a constant need to remember that our life dreams come from God. Dreams sometimes are revealed to us in our night sleep.  It can also come through divine revelation, or deep insight or knowledge. The scripture (Phil.2:13) says it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.

It is important to acknowledge God with the ownership of our life dream. When we do. He makes helps available towards the actualization of our dreams.We must at all-time hand over our dreams to God.

Apart from this what else do we need to do keep our dreams alive?

Work at it: There is no other recipe for getting to the place of your life dream other than through hard work. The days of miraculous rain of manna are over. Everything comes with a price tag. You must work to get to actualize your dream.

Chase after it: Like a young man pursuing after the love of a maid, you don’t give up, you will need to give all it takes to pursue after your dream. It is too late for you to give up. Realize that you are not carrying this dream just for yourself, you are carrying it as part of God’s master plan. Just as marriage brings a man into a place of favor with God and man, your dream remains your partner that will bring you into the limelight.

Invest in it: When we talk about investment, we mean sowing. Sowing is done with the hope of a harvest. You are God’s investment on earth. God has wired you with talents or natural gifts that will help you actualize your life dream. Invest time, money, energy and other resources in the actualization of your dream.

Develop your cutting edge by investing in any form of education either formal or informal that will get you to the place of your dream education. Invest in being the person of your dream.

We are in the age of knowledge, get knowledge, get understanding and get wisdom. Invest resources to acquire wisdom.

To give birth to your dream, a lot of sacrifice in terms of time, money, talents, and other resources will be needed. Investment in prayer is also crucial. Life is like a man going to the forest; he needs his cutlass to clear his path to his destination. Prayer is the cutting instrument needed to clear the path to the place of your dream.

This position is succinctly put in the word of Martin Luther when he said ” I have so much to do that I shall spend the first three hours in prayer”.

Your harvest is something you will need to patiently wait for. It needs time to grow. Don’t jump the gun, your dream will be birthed.

Believe in it. There is no other way to be defeated in life if you don’t believe in your dream. Abraham believed God and it was accounted to him for righteousness. He left his fathers’ land for a dream of a city whose maker is God. Faith is not passive, its active. It takes work. Believing in your dream is crucial in his actualization.

Fight for it. The actualization of your life dream is worth fighting for.  I don’t mean going up in arms or holding your fist to fight everyone. Fighting for it denotes the determination and doggedness required to ensure that your dream is not taken away from you. You have to protect your dream.  Jacob wrestled with the Angel of God for a blessing. Nothing comes easy, you will need to stand up and demand your rightful place of the dream you carry in your heart.

Learn from others: There are quite a lot of people of you who have succeeded ahead of you in a similar area of your dream, learn from them. Get a role model or mentor that will lead and assist you in the realization of your dream. Having a mentor, you can learn from will help you save time as you won’t need to re-invent the wheel, you can fine-tune and even make what you have learned better.

Be Patient with setbacks: Having a dream does not mean you will not make mistakes in the course of pursuing your dream. Therefore, you don’t need to be hard on yourself. You need to know that you are still human and therefore open to making mistakes either in your choices or errors of judgment. Your need for perfection will take time and experience.

Avoid comparing your dream with others. The uniqueness of our identity as individuals cannot be debated. One, therefore, takes a seat with the unlearned when one compares oneself with others. Our DNA is different so it is our dream in life. The only person you should become better every day is yourself. No one else. Don’t also succumb to peer pressure.

Don’t be afraid.  Fear has a crippling effect on the actualization of a man’s dream. There is a need to know that our dreams are part of God’s master plan so when he gives a dream, He also provides the enabling resources to actualize it. God told, Abraham, ‘Fear not, Abram: I am thy shield, and thy exceeding great reward.’ (Gen. 15:1). Feed your faith and starve your fear. History is replete with ordinary men who through faith, laid the foundation of nations, subdued nations, raised the dead, etc in the pursuit of their God’s given dream.

Change your limiting belief. Our beliefs are like unquestioned commands. They have been programmed into because of experience and knowledge.  They tell us how things, like what is possible and what is not possible. What we can and what we cannot do.  They shape our every action and our thoughts. Most often we have unconsciously programmed limiting beliefs into our lives.

Changing our limiting beliefs is central to keeping our dreams alive. The greatest enemy is our mind, we must, therefore, pull limiting beliefs that have become stronghold down in our lives so that we can get to the place of our dream.

Apply Wisdom: To get to the place of your dream in life, you need wisdom. King Solomon asked for only one thing, wisdom. You need the wisdom to judge and make the right decisions in life. It’s fundamental to offer divine direction (Eccl 10:10).

What is wisdom? It is the application of knowledge. Knowledge, on the other hand, is a body of information. You derived information by gathering, intelligence, news, facts, and data together.

I once told my undergraduate son that when a lecturer gives an assignment, the intention is for students to take ownership of their research findings and not just depend on what the lecturer has taught or he is about to teach. Information is collected as data, facts, news, etc. from different sources. These are used to present answers to the assignment given.

Dreams are like a puzzle. You need the wisdom to solve and only wisdom only can unravel it.

Realize the potential within. Often than you feel weak and insufficient to carry out a big dream of our heart, but within you are potentials, God has placed in you for the actualization of your life dream. There is a sleeping giant inside of you waiting to be woken from slumber. You need to activate the gifts and talents God has invested into you for the fulfillment of your dream.

Watch out.  To keep your dream alive, you will need to watch out for dream killers. Dream killers are those who will not allow you to achieve your life-long dream or desires. Dream killers are around everywhere; usually, these are trusted persons such as family members, friends, co-workers, group members, and bosses. They are just like that, not due to any errors in yours. The brothers of joseph envied and hated him for his dreams so they plotted to kill him and his dreams. God had to intervene.

Keep away from substance abuse. I decided to add this point because of the younger generation that may be reading through it because the use of substance abuse is pandemic. It is everywhere. The World Health Organization defines, ”Substance abuse as the harmful or hazardous use of psychoactive substances, including alcohol and illicit drugs.”. The use of these drugs leads to a life of dependence and cluster behavioral, cognitive and psychological phenomena. You don’t need any drug or substance to enhance your capacity to fulfill your dream. God has wired you with all you need to get to the place of your dream.

I have quite a lot of pathetic cases of young men in the early twenties who were almost at the point of graduation and some undergoing internship in their professional calling but who could no longer go further because they had broken down and were being referred for admission in a psychiatric hospital. They have used their own hands to truncate their dreams of becoming a success in life. It is sad, expectations of parents and the community have been dashed. The dream of the younger generation taking over from the older generation is under a siege by the influx of illicit drugs and other substance abuse in our society.

Keep away from substance abuse to keep your dream alive. It will destroy you and you won’t be able to get to your life dream in one piece.

Be grateful and celebrate. In keeping with your dream, always be thankful and celebrate landmarks in your journey towards the actualization of your dream. You may not have achieved all that you need to, but take a moment to reflect and be grateful to God, your mentor and all others that have cheered you on, in your journey of life. Occasions of celebration at your birth were done on your behalf and will be done on your behalf at your death, while alive celebrate milestones, giving thanks to the Almighty God for sustenance and progress made so far.  done on your  It is a good thing to give thanks.  Your depth of gratitude will determine your altitude. Do everything, however,  in moderation.

Change strategy: In case you are helpless and frustrated because it is obvious you are not on the road to actualizing your dream then change your strategy. Do a self-assessment; ask yourself what is your purpose in life? Write down all the things you will no longer accept in your life. Finally, write down what you aspire to become in life. Prepare to decide to say enough is enough to those ugly things that are not taking you to the place of your dream. Acknowledge that you are more than these. You an eagle, not a pigeon. Make definite changes in your life. Raise the standard of your life. Stop living aimlessly, each day of your life should draw you close to the dream of your heart. Prepare your heart to take over the world. Be that star that you.


In conclusion, we need to keep our dreams alive and not allow the present circumstances of life to weigh us down or rob us of our destinies. The whole world is waiting for you because the best book has not been written either the best song sang. The best invention is still yet to arrive. The actualization of the dream of your heart brings fulfillment in life. This is called success.

Thanks for your time.

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adeyinkatwi ….the pilgrim.


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