Quite a lot of us have dreams of making life better than we met it.

Our dream captures the life that we want to live but over time our dream and visions have given ways to pressure and routine of life. A lot of us are completely lost such that we are living life dry and frustrated. Destinies have been destroyed as a result of this. We are discouraged and don’t want to make efforts to dream again.

when we settled for the norm,life becomes one of survival,rather than living, our lives now hangs in a balance.

The truth is that you and I are designed and wired with dreams and visions in life.

God is the dream giver.  The dream, God gives are for the realization of His Master plan. Hence the scripture says that there are many devices in the heart of God but only the counsel of God that shall stand.( Proverb 19:21).

The truth is that you are your dream and once you loose your dream you loose you. The boy, Joseph held unto his dreams. he boasted about it. In return, he wan envied and hated for his dreams.

A man that believes in his dreams will speak out his dreams, because?

You are your dream,

Your dream defines you.

Your dream is your aspiration and desire.

Your dream is your desirable future at a glance.

Your dream is your life passion.

Your dream is your life purpose

Your dream gives meaning to your life.

Your dream is your best friend in the journey of life.

Your dream is your drive. Sometimes people say you are mad because of your dream.

Your dream differentiates you from another person. It is like your DNA.

Your dream pushes you towards your highest potential. It sees no limit.

Your dream helps you defines your fellow-ship

Your dream excites and intoxicates you. It’s a spark.

Why speak about your dream, like Joseph?

You want them to know what is in your mind.

You want them to know what you stand for.

You want them to help you to actualize it.

Sometimes you want people’s affirmation of your dream.

You want others to celebrate with you.

You want others to see how your dream will impact them positively.

You just want to speak because your heart is full. (It is from the abundance of the dreams of your heart that your mouth will speak).

Finally, you meant no harm when you speak out your dreams.

Martin Luther King Jnr meant no harm when he spoke his dream about a non- racial America.

Martin Luther King Jnr said I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

In our next discourse we will go into how we loose our dreams.

adeyinkantwi…..the pilgrim.

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