This piece is a continuation of our discourse on keeping our dream alive.

In our earlier discussion on this subject we established the truth that your dream is you. That your dream is part of God’s master plan for the universe and you. He wired you with potentials to fulfil your dreams. The issue confronting us today is that quite a lot of us are loosing the sense of our callings, called dreams, in life.

Samson lost his dream with a carelsss lifestyle built on faulty character on the lap of Delilah.

Lets examine for now what happens to dreams?

It can be aborted. Dreams can be aborted ( early loss), when exposed to a harsh and unconducive enviroment (early loss)due to lack of nurturing.

It can suffer still-birth.  Dreams can survive for a while (Later- loss) in a harsh environment, after draining energy and resources available and dies later.

It can come too prematurely . Dreams like pregnancy can be delivered prematurely (too early). It is  dangerous. The environment may not be too conducive for survival. It may die if cares to preserve is not taking) (such babies are put in the intensive unit of a hospital to ensure the full development of the baby’s organs). Jesus told his mother my time has not come

It can be birthed. (Timely-  fully matured). The bible uses the word “in the fullness of time”to describe this.

Why do we settle for less other than for the fulfillment of our dream?

The Uncertainties and Pressures of life.  We settle for other things in life, other than the fulfillment of our dreams due to the uncertainties and pressures of life. Happenings in life are at a fast pace, and one seems not too close to catching on life and when one seems close to, it is often a mirage.

The pressures of life become so hard that our lives hang in a balance with nothing to hold on to. It is frustrating. So we settle for what we are accustomed to, follow the routines of every day and live by these. Here, life dreams are lost.

Fear: The greatest challenge to living out our dreams is Fear. The God-given dream of our hearts is usually bigger than our imagination. God intends that they are things that have not been seen, heard and neither come to our knowledge before. Fears often set in. We begin to question our dreams. We doubt our capacity to actualize our dreams.

The first issue God addresses whenever he calls a man with a divine assignment is on the issue of fear. He told, Abraham, ‘Fear not, Abram: I am thy shield, and thy exceeding great reward.’ Fear has a crippling effect on the actualization of a man’s dream in life.

Focusing on other things. We lose our dreams when we focus on other things in life. These things get our attention usually because they are trending, and economically viable. Following the principle of 80/20  we focus more on things that we should minor on. This accounts for why we are far from the realization of our dreams.

Failure to cherish and celebrate your dream. The key to divine uplifting and fulfilled dreams is being thankful and appreciative of what you have. It put you in the right attitude for a greater altitude in life. Those who complain and murmur in life, like the children of Israelites never got the land of their dream.  They died in the wilderness of life.

The opinion of others. We allow others to talk us out of our dreams by their opinion and suggestion.

Failures of the Past : Failures at certain undertakes may lead to discouragement and abandonment of dreams. The fact that you failed in certain undertakes is not enough reason to abandon your life dream.

The expectation of others. Men and women often jettison their life dream for another based on the expectation of others. I have read a story of a young brilliant guy that graduated with distinction from a Medical College. On the day of graduation, he told his parents that haven fulfilled their expectation of becoming a doctor; he was now willing to pursue his life dream career in music.

The discourse continues with what is needed to keep our dreams alive.

adeyinkantwi ….the pilgrim.

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